Top 5 promising projetcs on zkSync Era

zkSync utilizes the revolutionary technology known as zkRollup to enhance scalability and privacy on the Ethereum network. By rolling up multiple transactions into a single succinct proof, zkRollup significantly reduces transaction fees and increases transaction throughput. With zkRollup, zkSync achieves fast and efficient transaction processing, making it a game-changer for the Ethereum ecosystem. zkSync lets […]

zkSync Platform: Next potential to Leverage investment in Crypto

What is the zkSync? zkSync Platform is a layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, zkSync enables faster transaction processing, significantly reducing fees, and improving the overall user experience. By utilizing zkRollups, zkSync achieves scalability by bundling multiple transactions into a single proof, which is then verified on the Ethereum […]

Retroactive: A safe way of earning money in crypto

What is Retroactive? Retroactive is one of the most popular forms of token airdrops, which allows participants such as past users, supporters, contributors to the development of the project, etc., to receive rewards in the form of tokens from the project itself. Currently, the quantity, as well as the quality of airdrop projects, is constantly […]
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Era Protocol – The New Era of Web3 Technology

Era Protocol is a decentralized platform for Web3 projects that leverages the zkSync Era, designed with retroactive, launchpad and DeFi 3.0 with real-yield farming features. Protocol Overview The platform is designed to provide crowdfunding and access to the Web3 community, both users and investors. Built on the prominent and fast-developing Layer 2 based on Ethereum […]

Real Yield – A New Decentralized Financial Market And GameFi Concept

Crypto winter and the frequency of GameFi project failures in the second half of 2022 have shaken the Crypto community’s confidence. The difficult market is where conquerors with innovations are born, and Real Yield is used by many parties for its products, including ROFI Games. Real Yield in traditional finance is defined as nominal return […]
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